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29 October 2003 @ 10:33 pm
First conversation with police  
Tonight I was first time stopped by police: I drove my "new used car" and suddenly saw police flashing lights in the car mirror :-)

No wonder: my car doesn't have license plates. Police officer (nice young white woman) explained me that I have to register my car and pay taxes. She didn't give me ticket (for driving without drivers license) because I showed her "Title" - document which shows that I'm a new owner of the car (and bought the car today).

Well, I'm lucky that I didn't break the law in a presence of police.
For instance, when I was riding car from my work - I forgot to turn on lights (it was dark already). I even wondered, why did driver honk behind me :-).
When I started to drive by dark road I suddenly realized that there is something wrong... :-)