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30 October 2003 @ 10:10 am
Got a licence plate  
Today is a day of final car bureaucracy.
I passed car inspection, paid taxes & clerk fees, and finally got license plate.
It took 2 hours. Theoretically it could be 20 minutes, but:
1) There is no parking in downtown near County Clerk office, so I walked a lot.
2) I didn't know exactly where I should go and in which order should I go. So I go to County Clerk before passing emission test.
3) Car inspection took ~5 minutes, but only after second try: after first try inspection officer told me that my car "smokes".
Car body shop mechanics told me that my car doesn't smoke.
Emission test at second try showed that my car has 0.09% carbon monoxide in exhaust (limit is 1.21% - that is my car is more than 10 times below limit, what is just great).
4) When I paid registration taxes & fees County Clerk didn't accept my checks.
One of my checks was rejected because it's "out-of-state" (my bank is in Ohio, but County Clerk is in Tennessee). Another check was also rejected in spite that this check is from Tennessee's department of Bank of America --- County Clerk rejected it because that was my first check in Bank of America, so they don’t accept checks of new bank depositors :-O. So I walked to the bank, took cash, returned to County Clerk and paid $311.
Fortunately I got my license plate in 5 minutes.

Tennessee has interesting specific: a car should have only one license plate – behind the car only.