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03 August 2016 @ 11:31 pm
How politics change  
10 months ago when I took isidewith quiz, Trump was much further down.
But now he moved closer to my views and is in the second place (after Gary Johnson).
Now Trump and I share 79% of views (was 69% back in October 2015).
It looks like Trump is doing what analysts predicted he would be doing: after winning Republican primaries he changed his rhetoric to embrace some popular Democratic and Libertarian views.

Hillary Clinton was at 67% and now she is down to 64%.
It's a wrong move after winning Democratic Primaries.
It looks like she does not want to win this elections.
Dennis Gorelikdennisgorelik on August 5th, 2016 11:53 pm (UTC)
> libertarian ideas would get any significant traction with the population.

That would be true if libertarians, like you, would keep ignoring elections.

This time libertarians actually have better chance, considering how pissed people are about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Clean and soberanspa on August 6th, 2016 01:25 am (UTC)
Or, libertarian ideas are doomed, they will be never picked up by public seriously.
Dennis Gorelikdennisgorelik on August 6th, 2016 04:12 am (UTC)
My impression is that libertarian ideas are slowly growing in popularity over the years.
Why do you think they will be never picked up by public seriously?
Clean and soberanspa on August 6th, 2016 04:26 am (UTC)
I think it is growing amongst educated middle-class (as a way to protect themselves from government oppression and increasing ways of taxation). Majority of population would not accept libertarian ideas, as those are based on self-dependency and little government involvement. There are too many people expecting certain level of care from the government. For them idea of small government and some other ideas may look too radical.
Dennis Gorelikdennisgorelik on August 6th, 2016 04:31 am (UTC)
Libertarian ideas do not necessarily imply borderline anarchy.
There are different shades of libertarianism.

You do not have to cut government expenses 10x in one year. You can cut the expenses 5%/year.
Or even simply prevent from growing and let inflation handle it.

Of course general population would not accept 10x government expenses cut. But much softer measures - why not?
Clean and soberanspa on August 6th, 2016 04:44 am (UTC)
Даже 5% сокращение бюджета это очень серьезная штука. Я вообще не представляю как снять с иглы бесконечных бюджетных ресурсов всю систему. Нужна сильная ломка. На это хватит духу только у сильных людей, которые а) понимают как работает существующая система б) знают чем ее заменить. Мне кажется такое возможно только в результате каких-то сильных потрясений или как результат войны. Когда больного все равно надо будет резать.
Dennis Gorelikdennisgorelik on August 6th, 2016 05:13 am (UTC)
Естественный уровень увольнений - как минимум 10% в год.
Если просто перестать нанимать - можно очень многих сократить.
При этом, если оставшихся заставлять работать за ушедших, то желающих уволиться будет ещё больше.

А ведь ещё и частный сектор будет расцветать, и, соответственно, желающих работать на Дядю Сэма будет ещё меньше.

Было бы желание в обществе урезать эту подгнивающую бюрократическую систему.