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07 March 2004 @ 01:11 pm
Receipts' history: how many states I visited  
Today I reviewed my purchase receipts (shops, restaurants, gas-stations ...), and discovered that I visited Mississippi state twice. Originally I though that I've never been in Mississippi :-)

That's how it happened:
Soon after I and Andrew came to Memphis, our colleague, Donnie Gooch took us to Wal-Mart (at the end of August 2003). We had no exact idea where is this Wal-Mart located. Later I visited two other Wal-Marts (at West Memphis, Arkansas, and at Germantown, Tennessee). I though that Donnie brought us to one of them. However receipts clearly point to Southaven, Mississippi :-)
This was our ~way from the office to Southaven's Wal-Mart

So, totally I visited 6 states in the USA:
1) New York: JFK Airport, New York, NY - 3 hours :-)
2) Kentucky: Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport, Greater Cincinnati shopping center.
3) Ohio: Global's campus, Cincinnati, OH - few months.
one day round-trip to Columbus, OH - Greyhound bus.
9 hours Greyhound bus night Cincinnati-Memphis trip
4) Tennessee:
Downtown Memphis, TN - 3.5 month.
Midtown, Memphis, TN - few months
5) Mississippi:
2 trips to Southaven's Wal-Mart
6) Arkansas: Weekly trip to Wal-Mart Super-center in West Memphis, AR
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