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08 February 2018 @ 08:07 am
BitBounce pandemic  
For several months, hundreds of Indian, Pakistani, and Filipino users email me BitBounce auto-replies that look like this:

My reaction -- delete from postjobfree.com account with the email address that sent me BitBounce auto-reply.

Americans and users from other first-world countries - never sent me BitBounce autoreply. Apparently, users from first-world countries do not like the idea to put such a rude paygate on a way to their email inbox.

Still, overall bitbounce popularity keeps growing:

Back in 2004 Bill Gates predicted that putting a paywall in front of email from strangers would solve spam problem:
"That's easy for a machine sending a few e-mails, but gets very difficult and expensive for a computer sending lots of spam," Mr Gates said.

But ultimately, Mr Gates predicted, spam would be killed through the electronic equivalent of a stamp, also known as "payment at risk".

This would force the sender of an e-mail to pay up when an e-mail was rejected as spam, but would not deter senders of real e-mail because they could be confident that their mail would be accepted.

However spam problem was solved differently: by measuring reputation of email sender IP addresses (based on "mark as spam" clicks).

Originally posted at: https://dennisgorelik.dreamwidth.org/146377.html