Dennis Gorelik (dennisgorelik) wrote,
Dennis Gorelik

Baby boy

Natasha and I have our 6th baby (3rd boy).
Date of birth: 2019-03-06 05:15 EST.
Weight: 2,590 gram.
Height 49.5 cm (19.5 inches).

The baby-boy is still nameless.
We consider: Peter, William, Sam/Samuel, Zack/Zachary, Linus, Leo/Leonard, Max/Maxim, Matt/Matthew, Ronald, Charles and some more.
It is still not too late to contribute your version (we should probably define the name.
Naming rules:
1) Should NOT start with A, D, E, K, N, T, V (we do not want first letters to overlap our first names).
2) Should NOT be too common (if possible "{FirstName} Gorelik" combination should be unique on Google.
3) First name should not be too weird (so it is hard to remember/pronounce).

See: Choosing baby name (2011)

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