May 9th, 2011


Choosing baby name

1) Expected birth date: end of May - beginning of June 2011
2) Expected gender: male.
3) The name should NOT start with the same letter as other names in my immediate family.
That means the name should NOT start with "D", "K", "N", "T", "V".
4) The name should be recognizable in the US, so it should be obvious to spell.
5) The name should be at least somewhat recognizable in Russia so grandparents and other relatives could pronounce it.
6) The name in combination with my last name should be unique on Google.
For example:
"Anthony Gorelik" - 10 matches on Google - pretty unique.
"Christopher Gorelik" - 177 matches on Google - somewhat unique.
"Michael Gorelik" - 4,480 matches - not unique at all.

Any suggestions?