June 4th, 2011


Personal visit from FBI

About a month ago I received a call from an FBI agent. The agent promised to email me subpoena next day. I heard nothing from him for a month.
Today I found myself standing in my pajamas on my porch in front of another FBI agent. Nice looking female agent. She finally brought me that subpoena.

Here’s what I’ve learned / re-confirmed:
1) FBI is slow. It took them more than couple of weeks to get the subpoena and then another couple of weeks to deliver it to me. Why they did not use email is hard to say. Their explanation – without physical delivery I don’t have to comply with the subpoena. But that’s a weak excuse – in this case I don’t mind complying even if I don’t have to. My own explanation – FBI is yet another government agency with huge, slow moving, and inefficient bureaucracy.

2) FBI is secretive. I got an informal request not to publish information on my blog. They saw my previous post. Apparently FBI cares about secrecy more than about speed of execution.
I care about sharing my unusual experience with my friends to get feedback. So I still post. Just without the details. Not that I know much anyway.

3) FBI agents are nice to deal with. Like other people here in the US who have business to do.

4) People generally comply with FBI agent requests even if they don’t have to. Few days ago I moved to a different house ~15 miles away. FBI did not have my new address. But they did not bother to call me to find it out. Just knocked on my door at new address with subpoena showing old address. Good Samaritan helped the agent find the way.

5) FBI is not really interested in crime that caused less than few thousand dollars damage. If someone posts scammy “jobs” on PostJobFree or pays using stolen credit card – it is way below FBI’s radar. Theoretically FBI has a web site to report internet crime like that, but it does not look like they really interested in these reports.

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