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Dennis Gorelik
23 April 2018 @ 04:07 pm
Probably going to delete my job alert. Just because I'm close to the border doesn't mean I want to see all the jobs being outsourced in Mexicali. You should probably figure out a way to limit the search to the US.

Why wouldn't you reduce your job search distance down to 20 miles?

You may also put your search location center at Slab City and use 32 miles search distance. That would cover larger search area, but still would not cover Mexicali.

I created a custom job search alert for you:
commodity or buyer or supply or purchasing or sourcing or procurement in Slab City, CA 92233

Thomas is searching for jobs up to 50 miles away from Brawley, California 92227.

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Dennis Gorelik
23 April 2018 @ 04:27 pm
Darya complained today that her job posting Candidates for Russian Speaking PCA in VA - does not receive any leads.

My reply:
1) I created a resume search alert for you:
russian (pca or care or caring or cna or nursing or assistant or assisting) in Herndon, VA 20170
You may tweak this resume alert a little in order to make it fit better to your candidates search.

2) I recommend you to update your job posting and add words "care", "caring", "cna", "nursing", "assistant" and "assisting" to the job description.
That would allow you to attract people who are searching for these skills.

Originally posted at: https://dennisgorelik.dreamwidth.org/151532.html