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Dennis Gorelik
06 May 2018 @ 03:27 am
With experience I learned breaking down problems into parts.
Tom Stuart verbalized that in his insightful presentation: The Most Common Problem In Software Development And How To
2:00 - A large task, all in your head.
3:12 - The symptoms
6:55 - It takes a long time to pick up your thread again.
18:18 - Make small, focused commits
18:27 - Write commit messages that explain your thinking.
21:26 - Cherry-pick preparatory work onto master.
23:46 - Practice switching away.
29:00 - Write tests that really do check what you care about.
30:45 - Practice explaining your train of thought.
33:01 - The overall technique of approaching the way that you work on big things: "Notice the risk, then break it down."

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Dennis Gorelik
06 May 2018 @ 05:25 pm
I am rewatching Mindhunter (I watched it first time when it was released -- about 7 months ago).

My today impression is that I already forgot ~70% of essential details ... or have not noticed them in the first place 7 months ago).

Mindhunter on Netflix

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