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Dennis Gorelik
16 September 2018 @ 04:30 am
Anthony's 2nd grade teacher - sent an email to all the parents in her class, but instead of putting email addresses into "BCC" field, she put email into "To" field.

So, alongside with the email I got 31 parent email addresses:
- 14 couples (with the same last name). I and Natasha are one such couple on that email list.
- 3 single parent emails.

Update (from Natasha):
1) There are 18 kids in the class.
That means one email address was missing.
2) That missing email address belongs to a parent who is, simultaneously, a teacher in a kindergarten class (our youngest daughter goes to that Kindergarten class). That kindergarten class teacher for some reason was not on the main list of emails with other parents.
3) At least half of "single email" moms - are not single. It is just their husband email is not on the list.

Originally posted at: https://dennisgorelik.dreamwidth.org/159402.html