March 6th, 2019


Baby boy

Natasha and I have our 6th baby (3rd boy).
Date of birth: 2019-03-06 05:15 EST.
Weight: 2,590 gram.
Height 49.5 cm (19.5 inches).

The baby-boy is still nameless.
We consider: Peter, William, Sam/Samuel, Zack/Zachary, Linus, Leo/Leonard, Max/Maxim, Matt/Matthew, Ronald, Charles and some more.
It is still not too late to contribute your version (we should probably define the name.
Naming rules:
1) Should NOT start with A, D, E, K, N, T, V (we do not want first letters to overlap our first names).
2) Should NOT be too common (if possible "{FirstName} Gorelik" combination should be unique on Google.
3) First name should not be too weird (so it is hard to remember/pronounce).

See: Choosing baby name (2011)

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Placenta and blood donation

After Natasha gave birth to our baby, hospital nurse asked if we would like to donate placenta for some research.
We do not mind, because the alternative is to just throw placenta to trash.

But now they also ask for additional blood sample as a part of that placenta donation. Even more, they do not even want to use hospital IV that is already inserted to take that blood sample.

That extra blood requirement seems weird to me. If they really need placenta - they should take it without blood I think.

Do you know why they may need that extra blood?

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