May 21st, 2019


Abortion ban in Georgia

Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia try to adjust the Roe vs Wade balance and reduce the maximum pregnancy length when it is still legal to do an abortion [down to ~10-12 weeks of pregnancy].

I am ok with such attempts to experiment on a state level. For me it is even interesting to compare what would be the consequences of such abortion ban in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia relative to other states.

However Georgia's legislators went too far:
Even women who seek lawful abortions out of state may not escape punishment. If a Georgia resident plans to travel elsewhere to obtain an abortion, she may be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, punishable by 10 years’ imprisonment. An individual who helps a woman plan her trip to get an out-of-state abortion, or transports her to the clinic, may also be charged with conspiracy. These individuals, after all, are “conspiring” to end of the life of a “person” with “full legal recognition” under Georgia law.

That part of Georgia State legislation is stupid. It infringes or important civil freedoms we enjoy in the US (freedom of travel and freedom of states to define what is legal or not on their territory).
Georgian legislators could have stayed reasonable and actually reduce max legal term for abortions (inside of Georgia state). But now it is more likely that the whole Georgian anti-abortion legislation will get thrown out [by the Supreme Court].

I would also recommend these righteous legislators to learn from the fate of Elena and Nicolae Ceaușescu. Ceaușescu couple, effectively, got killed by the fetuses Ceaușescus saved earlier in their anti-abortion ban -- when these former fetuses grew up.

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