June 29th, 2019


Remote work discipline

One of Ukrainian programmers I hired one year ago (let's call him "The Dude") took a 3 weeks break for his University session.

This was the third session break already.
The Dude wrote "Session will be finished at 8 of June."
I asked him to focus on finishing session and then come back to work full time.

The Dude stopped replying to our emails (that was ~expected until June 8). But then he did not show up on June 8 either.

So I decided that he decided to silently quit (like it already happened with 2 my other remove programmers I hired in the past).
But no - the dude showed up June 25 (17 days later after the planned end of his University session) as if nothing happened.

The Dude 2019-06-25 15:34
Hello. I can work again and, as I understand, we need to talk about it.

Dennis 2019-06-26 00:45
Why are you showing up only now? I thought you are gone completely without notice.
You wrote "Session will be finished at 8 of June."

The Dude 15:56
I have some personal problems and spend more time on session. Only yesterday I finished course work)

Dennis 15:56
Why you did not tell us that you had these problems? You could, at least, write an email.

The Dude 15:58
I watched time to time to email and zoom. Nobody ask me, so I decide that no problem.

Dennis 15:59
That is not correct attitude. And in fact, you received emails with direct questions to you, but did NOT reply.

The Dude 16:01
Yes, I saw them.
First about time, which I poorly remember, when I check it.
Second looks like just notice, that Andrey solved crash in another way and I need to review it.

Dennis 16:03
If you do not remember, you should reply anyway. You are not a princess that we all should run around.
I told you multiple times about importance of timely communications. I told you multiple times that you are severely undercommunicating. But you just reject to learn it. So for me it seems hopeless.

The Dude 16:06
I know that, I am not a princess)
I just decide that it's not a problem.
Okay, sorry for that.

Dennis 16:07
Breaking promises is a problem.

The Dude 16:07
What promises do you mean?

Dennis 16:07
Promise to show up on June 07.

The Dude 16:10
I already told, that I have some problems and unfinished session.
I told that I will start to work after session, as we discussed. You don't accept partial work, so I decide to continue when I will can work without delays.

The Dude 16:24
Well, okay, maybe it's better)
About work and time.
Can I send invoice about time, which I worked before delay?

Dennis 16:33
Yes, please send the invoice for the time you already worked.

The Dude 16:33

Dennis 16:34
Deciding to continue with your session and other business was OK.
Not notifying us about your decision -- was NOT ok, and makes you unreliable worker (which we do NOT need).

The Dude 16:41
Okay, understand you.

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