July 6th, 2019


Choose Boring Technology

An insightful article that explains why we should minimize number of technologies we use to run our product, and be careful with what new technologies we are ready to use in production.
New tech typically has more known unknowns, and many more unknown unknowns. And this is really important.
Adding the technology is easy, living with it is hard. These are all the things you have to worry about.

I could brew install a new database right here right now while giving this talk, and start writing some data to it. ... But it’s another matter entirely to run that thing in production at a professional level.
If you’re adding a redundant piece of technology, your goal is to replace something with it. Your goal shouldn’t be to operate two pieces of technology that are redundant with one another forever.

When you add a thing that replaces another thing, you should be committing to a plan to replace the old thing. It might be a long term plan. And you should be committing to rewriting the new thing using the old tools if the new tools don’t actually work out.

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