September 14th, 2019


Background check scam

I just spent 4 hours on the phone talking with a scammer.

He started with telling me his fake business story: petroleum drilling operations and hiring security guards to protect these drilling operations.
He explained that they are only hiring Americans, even for work overseas, because he is a big American patriot.

Then he told me his life story (he's 69 now), and, eventually, his true business story.

He sells background checks to "security guard" job seekers for $198 per report.

He promises to job seekers that these background checks go directly to the prospective employer that may hire them for $71,000 - $100,000 per year (too good to be true).

He ran his "Internet business" for about 20 years and changes about 20-30 identities (personal names, corporations, bank accounts, websites) over these years.

He likes President Trump, because Trump is selling hope and is successful at that.
His business somewhat declined since Trump become a President, because more people have jobs now, so the demand for hope is not as high.
His business at the times when "Black President" was at power was more successful (thanks to high unemployment) and he sometimes was making more than $1,000 per day.

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