September 18th, 2019


"Already successful" supervisor on Google Ads team

Google Ads team from Gurugram, New Delhi, India keep calling me.

I have $57/day spending limit on my Google ads account. Apparently, that budget is an attractive target for them.
Currently my Google Ads account spends ~$53/week (13% of budget limit).
So this Google Ads Gurugram telemarketing crew asks me to setup various experiments in order to trick me to spend more.

Gurugram crew does not care about my business (job boards) and talks about hypothetical example of selling shoes.

Gurugram crew does not care about my goal to keep CPA (cost per action/acquisition) low. They just go through their script again and again ("try ad extensions, then try more search keywords, then try display ad campaign").

I asked Akansha(?) -- a "supervisor" on that Google Ads Gurugram crew about their team success metrics.
She refused to tell me what goals their team is trying to accomplish and how her superiors evaluate the quality of her work.
Here's the end part of our conversation:
Dennis: ... I am not asking about how it [sitelink ad extension] works. I know how it works.
My question is how it is important for your team success metric. What, specifically, will it improve?

Akansha: I'm sorry, you are asking how it would be successful for me. I'm sorry, Dennis, it's not going to be successful for me, it's gonna be successful for you. Not for me.
And I am not running this Google Ads account. You are running this Google Ads account. You are spending a huge amount. So 50 dollars a day on one campaign, another campaign 7 dollars a day. 57 dollars a day you are spending [here Akansha confused "actual spending" vs "daily spending limit"] each day on your Google Ads account.
I've been assigned ...
I am not doing anything for my success -- I am already successful. I do not need success through your Google Ads account. So, thank you so much for asking this question, but I think it is irrelevant a little bit for me to answer that, because it's not going to be successful for me."

Dennis: You are saying your own success is irrelevant for you?

Akansha: How would it be successful for me if you add Google Site extension link to your Google Ads account?

Dennis: I don't know. That's exactly my question: why are you asking me to do this [add sitelink] if it is not going to make you successful?

Akansha: It's not going to... I am already successful like I said. I am the supervisor. I am already successful. Thank you so much for your question.

Dennis: Why are you asking to do it if it does not make you successful?

Akansha: [Interrupts] ... I'm not asking you to do it forcefully. I am asking you ... in fact, I'm not even ask you. I just said that this extension is going to help you.
I am not saying I will be successful by adding this.
I am sorry, Dennis, I think the question was really irrelevant. I think I should be hanging up now, because this is something that is related to my profession. And I cannot be ... I should not be answerable to you regarding my profession "how it is going to be successful for me".
It's not going to be successful for me.
I was helping my colleague Jebron. He said that you require a supervisor.

Dennis: No, I did not. So he lied then.
I did not say that I require a supervisor. He said that he wants to invite supervisor. And asked me if I want to. I did not say that I need supervisor.

Akansha: No issues. Even if he did not say that -- I still was here to help you.
But if you are asking questions about my profession, I am very sorry, I am restricted to that. I am not going to share that information.

Dennis: OK.

Akansha: Thank you so much for your time and I wish you the lovely day ahead.

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