February 1st, 2020


Trading used cars

Yesterday we sold our old Toyota Sienna XLE 2004 (with 184,180 miles on it) - for $2000.
It took about 3 weeks to sell. Partially, because I initially overpriced it ($2,500) and partially because I listed it on Facebook Marketplace only.
Gradual [-$100 at a time] lowering price to $2000 did not help.
But several days ago I listed our Sienna 2004 on Craigslist for $2000 - and we, finally, sold it.

Playing with writing car selling ad and with Facebook Marketplace/Messenger - was a somewhat interesting experience, but I question myself if it was a right decision.
We could just traded it in for $1000 when we bought our newer Toyota Sienna XLE 2013 several weeks ago.
Trading in would save us car registration tax on that $1000 (~$100), save additional insurance fees (~$80), temporary tag registration ~$5, Craigslist car sale ad fee $5.
But ultimately, trading in our old vehicle would have saved us time.

Selling our old Sienna ourselves generated about $800 more, but took significant amount of time:
- Cleaning.
- Writing car selling ad.
- Making photos.
- Strategizing pricing and advertising.
- Explaining how I do not want to sell our Sienna for $1500 yet.
- Explaining what repairs our Sienna needs (struts + due time for timing belt replacement).
- Scheduling meetings with potential buyers.

3 weeks that it took us to sell our old Siena - pale in comparison with 2 years (sic!) that it took us to buy our newer Sienna (but that is another story).

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