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Guess your Zodiac sign (Guess your Horoscope sign)

If you believe in horoscopes – here’s the ultimate test for you: try to identify your own zodiac sign in 12 texts below.
I replaced signs' names with abbreviations, so you would have no distractions :-)

Go ahead, and tell me, what abbreviation corresponds to your sign.


BBB is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more reactive in its energy expression. BBB is goal-oriented, and channels energy into strategic planning to attain long-term results. BBB's goals tend to be practical and related to material interests.

Planets in BBB will express themselves in a determined and serious manner, striving for honor and some kind of recognition in society. There is a desire and ability to reach the top through hard work and perseverance. Status and executive power are important - as is social position. There can be a certain formality and lack of spontaneity with planets in this sign, due to setbacks at early stages of the life. There is a tendency to control feelings and exert considerable self-discipline, but it would be advantageous if a greater emotional sensitivity and concern for others could be integrated into the nature.

You have rather conventional tastes and quite a strong sense of morality, and you will be looking for qualities you can respect in a partner. You tend to judge weaknesses rather severely and expect a high standard in your relationships. As you are strongly motivated by your ambitions you may have a tendency to neglect your emotional life in favor of your professional interests. It is essential to find a balance between your professional and personal life. Public commitments can often take priority over private, though you will always be conscientious in your duty to the family. Partners can find you rather stiff and un-spontaneous, and although this may be the case, you are normally loyal and responsible as regards family life. You are generally a person who can be trusted. When your outer facade melts you can be quite soft and sensual, and very devoted.


AAA is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more active in its energy expression. AAA is connected with the identity - specifically with the search to find a deeper meaning in human existence. It is therefore connected with religious and philosophical urges. AAA expresses energy in a flexible and changeable manner, with a certain restlessness or inconstancy.

AAA in characterized by a love of truth and righteousness, and an unfortunate tendency to express it rather too directly, even when not asked. There is a love of open horizons and travel and a need to expand on an inner intellectual level. There is a pronounced urge to rise above the animal nature towards the divine, and an impatience with the trivial issues in life.

A dislike of superficiality may result in intolerance for the ordinary niceties between people. You are considerably inspired by nobility of the mind, and intellectual achievement. Your personal visions about the future can be very significant for the people you come into contact with. Some of the great turning points in your life come when you discover new mental frontiers which force you to discard old beliefs which you identified strongly with. You do have a tendency to pontificate about what you believe to be true. Experience shows, however, that you rarely stay in the same place as regards beliefs, and that truth is relative to your discoveries at any one time. Relationships would therefore benefit, if you were less forceful and argumentative and more open to the point of view of your partner. You may feel it is your duty to inform people of what you regard to be the truth, but experience will teach you that people listen best when you wait to be asked for your views.


UUU is impulsive and energetic. UUU represents new beginnings. UUUs are typically full of creative energy, enthusiasm, and a great inner drive to prove them. They express themselves through action and are constantly seeking experiences that give them the opportunity to prove they are the best.

There is little timidity in people under this sign, UUU are confident doers who often forge ahead confidently, regardless of the consequences. This impulsiveness can sometimes lead to problems when they leap before they look. They are not afraid to take risks or to gamble to have their way. If they can temper their impulsive drives, UUU can accomplish much and be successful leaders. They constantly seek to be the best at whatever they do and would rather have fame and fortune than material wealth.

UUU craves independence and often seek positions of authority. Optimism runs through their veins and it is hard to discourage them from tasks they have begun (However, they are notorious for not finishing what they start). Their high-spirits are very contagious and are never daunted by fear of failure.
As friends UUUs are high-spirited and generous, though sometimes they must control their competitive impulses and how they affect those around them. They must learn to temper their aggressiveness and use reason and diplomacy when dealing with others.


GGG is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more outwardly oriented in its energy expression. GGG is very social, and shows itself in groups and social organizations. It has determination and staying power, and it is related to ideological convictions.
The GGG influence is expressed in rather a stubborn way as far as opinions are concerned, but the sign is also strongly related to social and humanitarian ideals. Planets in this sign express themselves in a unique and unconventional manner. This can lead to an experience of alienation or social isolation. Nevertheless the energy of GGG is in essence friendly and expresses itself in social relationships where shared ideals play a greater role than emotions. GGG energy is cool and detached, and a greater balance could be achieved if more warmth and identity could be invested in personality expression.

The great turning points in your life happen in connection with upheavals in social relationships. As your opinions and beliefs change you will find yourself redefining who you want to be together with. The loss of good friends for one reason or another can thus lead to a strong sense of isolation whilst you re-evaluate your visions. Your greatest talent is the unconscious ability to create an almost magic atmosphere when you are together with people. Although you are warm and friendly, in intimate relationships you can be rather uncomfortable about showing your emotions. When under emotional pressure, you tend to freeze up and establish a distance, and this can be rather disturbing for your partner. A wise partner will never stand in the way of you and your friends.


MMM is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more responsive in the way its energy is expressed. MMM is concerned with the emotions, particularly those universal feelings which are associated with human predicament and suffering on Earth. MMM disseminates energy sporadically and without specific direction. MMM goes where the wind blows.

The sign channels intangible impulses. There is a strong tendency to dream and fantasies, and an inclination to feel a sense of martyrdom. The enhanced emotional sensitivity in MMM is often channeled into creative outlets, particularly in connection with music and film, but also in connection with Nature, and people who need social care. MMM is the sign of dreams, disappointments and spiritual enrichment.

Many of the turning points in your life are of a spiritual nature in that you learn to discern a meaning behind events which makes sense of the seemingly meaningless nature of things. These experiences constantly enhance your sensitivity and personal insight. In this process of personal development it is essential for you to resolutely avoid any feeling of martyrdom, even though you more than most are aware of, and witness to, the tragedies of human existence. Partnerships function best when you avoid the two extremes of having unrealistic expectations of the partner, and going around feeling the odds are stacked against you. By avoiding negative states of mind as far as possible, you can attract good fortune to yourself, and give spiritual sustenance to others.


EEE is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more passive and receptive in its energy expression. EEE is connected with fruitfulness and stability. Once a course is embarked on, EEE is rarely deviated from. Maintenance and care of existing conditions over long periods of time, and a reluctance to initiate change, are qualities of this sign.
EEE is also connected with the resources of Nature, and the whole issue of value and worth. Therefore it is associated with finance, worldly goods and security. People with a strong emphasis in this sign tend to be materialistic, and often get stuck in a rut. By periodically cutting their strong attachments they can gain greater perspective. There is a talent for relaxation and enjoyment of sensory pleasures.

Basically you seek stability and security. However some of the greatest testing times of your life come when your values change and periods of instability arise. These periods will often be accompanied by the need to lose or give up something to which you are extremely attached. Your fate is to understand the very nature of attachment and yet develop greater flexibility in the face of gain or loss. Partnerships can be affected by your inertia as regards the need for renewal and change. When your self-worth is reflected by inner values which can never be lost, you become a tower of strength for yourself and others. Other things being equal you can build a wall of security around your loved ones. However you may have rather fixed ideas and principles, and you rarely allow yourself to be influenced. When those around you desire change, this can create a good deal of frustration.


RRR is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more outwardly oriented in its energy expression. RRR is connected with communication, mental contact and social principles. RRR enhances flexibility and adaptability.
Negative manifestations of RRR influences are a flightiness and unreliability, and a tendency to get involved with too many things at any one time. There is a love of ideas, but no inner need to put them into practice. Nevertheless this influence confers great mental insight, though there is often some kind of split in connection with planets placed in this sign.

The greatest challenges come for you when communication problems arise. Often an important break with a brother, sister or close friend can inaugurate a complete mental revaluation. In your essential search for meaning you can feel a bond to two very different schools of thought, or you can have two mentors with quite different ideas. Variety and polarity is the stuff of life for you, and you feel distinctly uncomfortable if you are asked to identify yourself with one single direction or opinion. Tension can arise in partnership matters because of your changeability and seeming inconstancy. Often it is enough for you to entertain fleeting ideas as a kind of mental gymnastics. Thus frustration arises in others because you don't always act on your ideas. Nevertheless you are fun to be with; you rarely take yourself too seriously, and are always willing to adapt to change.


III is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more reactive in its energy. III is connected to the world of emotion and the instincts. III is associated with motherhood and the family. There is a great sensitivity on an inner level, but rather a secretive nature. Loyalty and attachment, sentimentality and hanging on to the past, are all characteristics associated with III.

Planets in this sign will often reflect a vulnerable character and oversensitive nature. There is also a possessive streak, and a tendency to be emotionally smothering. Nevertheless III confers a strong intuitive nature and deeply-held feelings. There is a strong attachment to the home and awareness of the environment. Planets in III come to expression most clearly in connection with the home and family.

The bond to your mother will have been particularly formative. You are sensitive and easily hurt - though this may not be immediately apparent on the outside. Likewise, you are loyal and passionate in your defense of those you love - injury done to them is also done to you.

You have a strong and instinctive protective nature. The greatest dilemma in your life comes when the bonds of attachment are broken - for example in connection with changes in the family structure. At these times it is important to recognize the dangers of sentimental attachment to the past. Your reluctance to let things go can stand in the way of your personal development. You have a great talent for building up a nurturing environment for those who are close to you, yet it can also help to be more open to those who are not necessarily so close. You are easily upset by changes in your daily rhythm, and can be rather grumpy when called upon to change habitual behaviors. Your home is your castle.


FFF is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more extrovert in its energy. FFF is connected with the principle of identity. There is a strong creative manifestation and self-expression connected with the sign - planets placed in FFF act in a dramatic way and need to experience themselves reflected in their surroundings.

When planets are expressed negatively in this sign there will often be pride, narcissism and self-importance. When expressed positively there is a warmth and joy in being, and a playful, romantic nature. This sign is associated with children, charisma and entertainment. Planets in FFF act with authority and power, exerting a compelling influence on others. Greater balance can be attained if the capacity to see oneself objectively is cultivated.

Your relationship to your father has direct relation to your degree of self-confidence. Although you can be warm, gallant and charming, you have a strong need to dominate in partnerships and have a tendency to be attention-grabbing precisely because of insecurity in this area. You are romantic, and not averse to the occasional affair to give your ego the shine it needs. Great challenges in your life occur in connection with your sense of identity. In these periods of crisis you will tend to radically change your image. Your exaggerated sensitivity to the kind of impression you make on your loved one makes way, as you mature, for a stronger sense of self-security based on inner convictions. It is at these times that false pride and elitism bite the dust, and your natural nobility emerges.


ZZZ is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more reactive in its energy. ZZZ is connected with material things and practical manifestation, relating to work, the body and organization principle. ZZZ manifests as a talent for discrimination and analysis.

Planets in this sign express themselves in a perfectionist way, and give rise to a tendency to both criticism and self-criticism. There is a drive to work hard and a strong motivation to be helpful and of service to others. The work principle is exalted, and there is a need to organize people socially in relation to work. There is a tendency to analyze everything and compartmentalize information. The rational mind is dominant, and greater balance could be achieved if the ability to allow fantasy and irrational impulses could be cultivated.

The main challenges to your identity come when changes arise in your environment - whether it is personal health, in the home or in your working life. It is at these times that you learn to use your discriminative judgment to refine and clear out impurities in one form or another. You have a particularly well-developed critical sense and strong powers of analysis, and these can be your tool for personal development. This means overcoming a tendency to be self-critical, and giving yourself the credit you deserve for being of assistance to others. To attain harmony in partnership matters you must also avoid being critical of the partner. You can be too busy and too involved in the everyday running of things, and this can evoke a passive state in the partner. Being a perfectionist, you tend to end up doing all the work in the home yourself. If you do not set limits for help, you will be taken advantage of.


TTT is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more socially outgoing in its nature. TTT is connected with the mentality and social relationships, and there is a dynamic expression to the energy. There is a motivation to achieve social or relationship goals. This sign is known for the ability to be diplomatic and create harmony.

Planetary energies in TTT are keyed towards attaining balance. There is a strong concern with the principles of fairness and justice, and great interest in getting people to function smoothly together. Planets here are motivated for partnership, and there is willingness to compromise for the sake of a harmonious relationship. It can be an advantage to balance this consciousness of others with greater self-awareness and self-assertion.

The major formative experiences in your life are connected with relationships. In these key periods changes connected with your intimate bonds to another will lead to a revaluation of who you are and what your role is in life. You learn at these times that being true to yourself means not always compromising your needs for the sake of a relationship. Indeed this kind of compromise often involves an element of manipulation - if only through your natural charm. Nevertheless, you feel a sense of self most strongly when in a harmonious relationship and it is here that your talents lie. Your appreciation of beauty and your good taste brings an atmosphere of peace. You show a natural concern for others, but you demand that this concern goes both ways - you cannot accept a relationship, if the romance has gone out of it, and you are skilled at recreating conditions for love.


HHH is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more passive in its energy expression. HHH is connected with the world of emotions, particular the deep primeval emotions concerned with sexuality and survival. HHHs energy manifests in a stable manner, giving great determination and endurance. Planets in HHH seek to establish emotional security in a threatening world. Hence the association with jealousy and passion.

Anxiety in the face of the unknown and consequently a desire to be able to control what is going on leads to a certain obsessive quality in planets placed in this sign. There is a secretiveness and compulsiveness which is hidden under a facade of strong self-control. Instinctual knowledge, occult talents and psychological ability manifest themselves in HHH, because the character dwells on the inner emotional demons most people choose to ignore.

Being able to trust someone and being sure that nothing is hidden from your considerable perceptive talents are essential ingredients for a good relationship. And intense emotional relationships are very important to you - you do not like superficiality at all. Turning points in your life come in the form of psychological breakthroughs which shake your emotional foundations. Often this will be connected with the transformation of a deep emotional bond, which wakens your latent anxiety connected with emotional security. By giving up the illusion of being able to control others emotionally, you are confronted with your own vulnerability. Your facade of inscrutability is transformed and a softer and more understanding side of your character is evoked. Your greatest talent is your ability to strengthen others by your emotional and mental support.


I think you have ~1 in 12 chance to guess your sign right :-)

Try anyway - I'll let you know what zodiac sign you consider as "yours".

Please, don't cheat.
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