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01 November 2008 @ 11:47 am
US Elections  
US Presidential and Congress/Senate elections would happen in a few days (November 4 2008).

What would happen
Most likely Obama would win.
It seems Democrats would gain couple more seats in Senate and 10-20 more seats in Congress.

What would I like to happen
- Presidential election:
I'd like to see Obama elected. The reason -- the war in Iraq and other terrible spendings by Republican administration went way too far. Republican administration is too corrupt at this point and needs to take a pause to clean itself.
If McCain is elected (which is, fortunately, unlikely) -- Republican administration will get spoiled even more, and that's not good.

- Parliamentary elections:
In ideal world I wouldn't like to see Libertarians in the Senate and Congress.
But in the real world it's not about to happen anyway.
So, I would like to see Republicans in the Senate/Congress.
The reason -- Republicans would limit Obama's spendings, and Obama would limit Republican Parliament's spendings.
When government is busy fighting with itself then economy is booming. Here's nice quote from 4 years ago (2004):
The two parties essentially represent opposing, rapacious gangs who fight at election time for the right to pillage the taxpayers. The worst thing that can happen is if one gang gains undisputed control of the entire apparatus. If this occurs, the victorious gang gorges itself on America’s wallets like hyenas at a zebra carcass. When Clinton was Emperor and the Republicans controlled Congress, they fought so much that hardly anything got done and relatively few new spending programs were enacted. As a result, the deficit shrank and a small surplus arose (though this surplus was largely illusory due to accounting gimmicks).

But when Bush II came to town, the Republicans went on a spending bender. Even discounting the war on terror, non-security spending has mushroomed. Bush failed to veto a single bill, apparently agreeing with every spending outlay sent his way. Consequently, our deficit has exploded and our nation is plunging towards bankruptcy.
Unfortunately this time gridlock won't happen, and Democrats would control Presidential and Legislative branches for at least couple of years. I hope that would change in 2010 parliamentary elections.