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27 April 2003 @ 01:25 pm
Cincinnati prices  
Some words about prices:
Prices here are different. They depend on where do you buy (shop, market), quantity (1 unit or 10 units) and time (sometimes sales are happen, so you may buy the same thing for much less price during the sale).
Well, some examples about prices:
Eggs: $1.35/Dozen (12 eggs)
Chicken's breasts: $1.49/lb
Whole Chicken: $0.99/lb
Broccoli (vegetable): $1/ item
Oranges: $1 / 3 oranges.
Oranges: $14 / box with 75 oranges.

White t-shorts: $9 per 5 t-shorts
Sandals: $11 (of course there are as more cheap as much more expensive sandals :-))