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17 February 2013 @ 01:10 am
Calculating the height of meteoroid explosion  
It looks like meteoroid exploded in Korkino - about 10 km south from Chelyabinsk, Russia.
Below is the video with time stamps of the event.
Average speed of shock wave is about 330 m/s (more than that within ~2km from explosion; less than that further from explosion, but still in high altitude).

According to that video, meteoroid blew up in zenith (almost vertically up from the camera).
Flash time: 09:43:05
Shock wave reached ground: 09:44:34 -- 89 seconds later.

That means that height of the explosion was approximately: 89 s * 330 m/s = 29370 m ~= 29 km.

Обсуждение на русском

Another way to calculate the height is to take a look at the length of the shadow from lighting poles from the video below.
When shadows are the shortest, they appear to be slightly longer than poles themselves.
That means that distance from that place (Revolution Square, Chelyabinsk, Russia) to the place over which the explosion happened (Korkino, Russia) is slightly longer than the height of the explosion (over Korkino).
The distance between Revolution Square, Chelyabinsk, Russia and Korkino, Russia is about 35 km.
So the meteoroid explosion height is slightly less at about 30 km.

This video was made at Revolution Square, Chelyabinsk, Russia:

Here's another video from Korkino:
You can see that the meteorite passed exactly over Korkino (and scared off the students who made that video):

And another one from Korkino (guy is wondering where the sound from explosion is... and then getting it 30 seconds later):