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30 June 2003 @ 03:56 pm
Crossroad church (as an example of progressive American church)  
There are many churches in the US. Generally speaking, America is very religious country. America is a very business country also. As a result churches in America are run by businessmen.

Crossroad church
Couple of weeks ago I visited Crossroads interdenominational church. Interdenominational church is a very convenient form of church. Interdenominational churches collect Christians of different confession. It is convenient because instead of “confession” competition, churches compete by quality of services which churches provide for their customers.
Let’s return back to Crossroads church. This church was founded several years ago and grew very rapidly. Today more than 2000 people visit Crossroads church meeting. Such successful growth has strong base: Crossroads church provides great service for customers.
My impressions about visit Crossroads church:

Hall looks like hall of a big movie theater. The church provides free snacks, drinks and promotional materials (about church, religion, scheduled events …). People talk with each other and with church service (several women which are happy to help customers and explain them about history of the church, future events, and many other things).
There are timers in a hall, which indicate how many time is left to the show (mass). That is timers show reverse counter: 5 min : 37 sec left, 5 min : 36 sec left, …, 0:13 sec left, 0:12 sec left, …

Children garden
Majority of church customers have children. Customers like to get their children to the church. But children don’t like adult performance. So, if you bring children to auditorium, Children will be unhappy. Some of children will start to run, some of them will cry. Performance will be spoiled. Customers will be dissatisfied.
So, the church created children garden. There is one room for each children age category.
While customers enjoy the show, children enjoy children garden.
What do you think, what should Children garden service do, if a child cries and want to see his mother? Should service person rush into auditorium and search for the parents?
The church developed more convenient system: each child gets his own number. When children garden employee wants to call child’s parents, she turns on small display in auditorium. Parents recognize that their child has a problem and silently go to the children garden.

Auditorium looks like a large theater. Auditorium has chairs, stage, amplifiers, and two huge monitors.
Amplifiers are very powerful and qualitative. When artists sing religious song, it sounds like in rock concert.
Height of monitors is more than human’s height. Monitors show in details what does happen on the stage.

Show consists from several songs and lecture about Jesus Christ. Songs are similar to rock concert songs. Lecture is quite interesting and includes humor.

Chairs have special holders for bottles with coca-cola (do you remember, that drinks are provided for free in the hall).

After the show
After show customers can continue conversation in the hall, get records of lectures and songs.

During the show they send bag for collecting money through the auditorium. Usually church expected that customer will give to the church up to 10% of their income.

My judgment about the show:
It was fun!

My judgment about CrossRoads church:
It is successful modern church.
I respect founders of the church. They are successful businessmen and provide useful service for their customers (for Americans).

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Maxhobober on June 30th, 2003 08:31 pm (UTC)
I think always, that Dennis Gorelik and church - two uncompatible things :)
But they are not!
Your article may be more strong with photos :)
Where are the photos, man? :)