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05 July 2003 @ 03:43 pm
Independence Day FireWork  
There was Independence Day yesterday (4th of July).
Vincent took us (11 programmers-on-the-bench) to Ohio River to watch firework. Because Vincent’s Dodge allows only 4 passengers he made two trips: with 6 guys and with 5 guys .
I was in the first group.
9:00 pm.
We made us get out near a bridge and drove for the second group. We walked over the bridge from Cincinnati (Ohio) to New Port (Kentucky). I was curios about direction of flow of the Ohio River and asked 4 Americans: “where is this river going?”. 2 Americans said that the river goes in one direction, 2 other Americans said that river goes in other direction. It was quite confusing. Eventually I carefully look at the river and find out correct answer.
9:30 pm. Temperature: 84F (+29C)
Storm-cloud appears on the horizon.
Firework is expected at 10 pm.
9:50 pm. Strong wind started to blow. So, firework was postponed because strong wind makes firework dangerous.
10:20 pm. Rain is started.
We went under the bridge.
Temperature: 66F (+19C).
11:00 pm. Rain and wind stopped.
Police said that the firework is cancelled. We went home.
There was no electricity in many New Port neighborhoods. There was no problem with electricity in Cincinnati. I don’t know why.