Dennis Gorelik (dennisgorelik) wrote,
Dennis Gorelik

Yet another political quiz confirmed that I am a libertarian

I side with Rand Paul on 88% of issues
Rick Santorum - 72%
Jeb Bush - 72%
Carly Fiorina - 70%
Donald Trump - 69%
Hillary Clinton - 67%
Bernie Sanders - 67%
Ted Cruz - 63%
Ben Carson - 57%

1) Realistically, my choice at the actual election would be Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.
69% match vs 67% match.

2) It's funny, but I have a pretty strong positive match even with Bernie Sanders.

You side extremely towards “Small Government”, meaning you very strongly believe the government is overly bureaucratic, inefficient, and wasteful. This theme is somewhat important to you.

You side strongly towards “Liberty”, meaning you strongly support free market policies that create opportunity for personal liberty and success. This theme is somewhat important to you.

You side moderately towards “Capitalism”, meaning you support an economic system that features private ownership of wealth. This theme is somewhat important to you.
Tags: elections, politics, quiz
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