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30 October 2015 @ 06:43 pm
Fraudulent jobs post from Russian scam ring  
Dealing with fraudulent job posting is a part of my daily routine.
Usually these cases are simple and scammers are easy to identify:
- Job descriptions with easily recognizable pattern of fraud.
- Heavy "African" (Nigerian?) accent on the phone.
- Bad quality phone connection (because they frequently call over poor Internet connection and use IP proxies).
They rarely learn from their mistakes which makes it easy to spot them next time.

Last several days I got unusual level of attention from more sophisticated ring of scammers from Russia.

Work as the courier
Initially scammers used free email address (entoro2016@yandex.com) for their account.
I got a call from a girl with some Russian accent (not as strong as my own accent though).
She called herself Jess Entoro and claimed to currently be in Atlanta, GA.
She claimed to represent TOPS Consulting, but did not have access to @tops.ru email.

Here's her job posting
Title: Work as the courier
Company: tops consulting
Work as the courier in the consulting company.

That job posting looks quite suspicious, but "Jess" was somewhat convincing in her business story, so initially I was not sure if I am rejecting fraudster or a proper employer.
(BTW, we spoke mostly Russian, which was fun for a change).
When I asked "Jess" what phone number she called from - she gave me my own phone number.
When I said to her that this is my phone number - she gave me 1-678-999-4505, which, surprisingly, worked.

I told "Jess" that her free entoro2016@yandex.com email is a reason for rejection.
She learned.

Customer Operations Manager
Their next fraudulent account was created under steven.albertson@hr-sunrise.com

Unfortunately for scammers, it is easy to see that hr-sunrise.com was created only several days ago:
Creation Date: 2015-10-23T05:40:58Z
Registrant Name: Sergey Sudakov
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: Komsomolskaia 12
Registrant City: Kashira
Registrant State/Province: KDA
Registrant Postal Code: 142901
Registrant Country: RU
Registrant Phone: +7.9992745920

This time steven.albertson@hr-sunrise.com asked me (by email) to talk with his secretary.
"Secretary" called me from 1-347-349-5499 and named herself "Skyler".
"Skyler" spoke pure American English without any Russian accent and claimed to live and be born in Columbus, OH.

She told me somewhat convincing "business" story about how they help their customers to evaluate new partnerships and identify fraud.
She said that pretty much any company [that buys or sell goods] could be their customer.
However she was not interested in considering PostJobFree as a customer for their services (business that is not interested in selling their product is usually a fraud).

I asked Skyler if she is using "@hr-sunrise.com" email.
She said "yes".
Then I asked her for how long she's been using that email, and she told me "couple of years".
I re-asked her 3 of times in order to be sure we understand each other.
She played "I do not have that much time" card and asked for a refund.
I promised her that and we finished our conversation.

Several minutes later, out of curiosity, I called her back (1-347-349-5499), but that number simply do not connect (silence).

I also found that fraudsters posted the same "job" on craigslist.
Within a day craigslist deleted this posting:
This posting has been flagged for removal.

Here is a copy of that job.
Try to spot red flags here:
Title: Customer Operations Manager
We are a professional company that has been providing amazing service to our clients with the help of our amazing employees for over 10 years now. Currently we are seeking a Customer Operations Manager in the Columbus area.
This is a great opportunity not only for those with management experience but also for someone looking for a career change as well, we will provide you with all the necessary training!
Job responsibilities include managing our client’s business operations, enabling them to be informed of all aspects of every step. Monitoring quality of communication and business between existing clients. Processing and overseeing contracts, and other important papers, filing reports on completed work. Maintaining and updating client information profiles.
Starting out this position would take up several hours per day and is a work from home position. If you decide you would like to grow within our company we have an opportunity for the right person to head our new office opening soon and others to become employed full time there, although you could stay at part time working from home if that’s what you find most rewarding.
The pay is starting at $2700 monthly plus Instant Bonuses, there is opportunity for great money to be made! This position can be combined with school and full time employment.
If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity provide your resume with your contact information and we will review your candidacy.
Anatoli Dontsovlamantyn on October 30th, 2015 11:34 pm (UTC)
А как эти жулики собираются зарабатывать?
Требовать от предполагаемых работников послать деньги за "обучающие материалы"?
Dennis Gorelikdennisgorelik on October 30th, 2015 11:41 pm (UTC)
У жуликов и так полно денег (ворованные кредитные карты).
Им нужно деньги отмыть.
Для этого нужно нанять курьеров.
Курьеру выдаётся ворованная кредитная карточка, на которую он покупает товары или просто снимает кэш.

Курьера просят эти товары куда-либо доставить (или постать по почте в условный Казахстан).
Деньги курьера просят перевести через Western Union или что-то подобное.

Обычно курьеры не понимают во что они вляпались или не хотят понимать (от жадности).